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Morgellons Illness - A Delusion Or A Dilemma Is The Real Question

Morgellons Illness - A Delusion Or A Dilemma Is The Real Question

With records dating back well into the seventeenth century, the so called phenomenon or principally referred to by the medical care givers as a delusional psychosis' is as we speak known mainly as Morgellons Disease. The medical career has regularly denied the alleged phenomenon of fiber like strands appearing to develop by the skin and out of the human body as any type of 'medical' disease. The have continued to insist that individuals who insisted they had been affected by these weird symptoms were 'all' in reality suffering from a delusional parasitosis and required psychiatric evaluation or treatment. The entomology department of the Oklahoma State University was commissioned to undertake an in depth research of individuals allegedly affected by Morgellons Illness and after completion of their tests and research, even they said their research had discovered no evidence to assist this as being any form of disease that may have been caused by bugs or mites and again, their total opinion was that the people studies have been 'all' affected by delusions. This in my view is sort of a remarkably negative assertion to make regarding so many individuals which might be affected by the same issues.

From my very own analysis into 'Morgellons' and having read by way of finishless articles, research, blogs and different documents pertaining to the topic, I have now formed an opinion on what these strange and differing types of fibrous development that seem to grow out via human skin ought to be more accurately referred to. First of all, it needs to be recognized that these apparently rising fibers which might be being found in people differ fairly dramatically it coloration, look, texture and progress rates. It has been discovered that many of these fibers when uncovered to Ultra Violet light appear to glow in sure areas of their makeup. Due to this fact, primarily based on my collation of notes and analysis to date, I've reached an opinion that this phenomenon referred to as morgellons cure Disease is in truth a disease of sorts. The widespread denominator of self growing fibers or synthetic hairs that everyone seems so fascinated with are what I have chosen to call here 'Mixed Biosynthetic Nanoids' ( Nano Particles ) and that maybe a better reference to Morgellons would be to say 'it's more of a process that's occurring within the body' rather than a traditional disease scenario. Present analysis by many prominent scientists has begun to provide verification that this difficulty just isn't of a delusional nature however in reality a real and debilitating syndrome that is genuinely being suffered by a rising number of people in many geographic areas. It's not a figment of Delusional Psychosis as these many medical doctors keep on insisting.

There has been much dialogue wherein comparisons and alliances have been considered between Morgellons Disease and human infestation ( Colonization ) by the Collembola Mite, Spring Tails and even other types of mite. In more latest times, within the journal of bionanotechnology there may be data as regards to toxicity and illnesses caused by nanoparticles Silica. Reading collective data printed by 116 scientists, investigators and researchers references and after reviewing the publications of these 116 investigators, you come to realize just like they did that Morgellons is sort of certainly a disease and not a hallucination. From personal expertise it has been discovered that many sufferers of both Morgellons and Collembola can become totally exasperated and virtually ( If not totally ) suicidal in lots of cases. It has additionally been noted that in cases the place couples are both affected especially by Collembola, it appears to be the feminine who's more affected as towards her male partner. The general symptoms and effects all the time seem like more distinguished each physiologically and psychologically in the feminine sufferer.

From the persevering with research on Morgellons by Oklahoma State University, the next statistical points have been recorded and printed by Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D. Director of Research, and Rhonda Casey, D.O. Associate Professor of Pediatrics. Morgellons patients differ from classical, delusional parasitosis sufferers in several areas. They don't reply to antipsychotics, though these medicine for people who take them do seem to assist with the itching and crawling sensations on the skin, and new lesions continue to look upon complete cessation of handbook excoriation. Due to the sensation of overseas material of their tissue, that has been described as sharp, stinging and/or splinter like, the affected person could have discovered the fibers prior to seeking medical care, and will even current them for examination. Additionally they said that; after acquiring careful patient hitales and thorough physical exam, we have decided that Morgellons patients have several vital distinctions ruling out the diagnosis of DOP. This inhabitants of sufferers incessantly exhibit the next signs:

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